As you saw in the lesson, many people live in areas where natural hazards might occur.  You need to use your research from the lesson to answer the exam question below.

Explain why people may choose to live in areas prone to natural hazards (6 marks).

Tips and Tricks

  1. the question is worth 6 marks so you need to give 6 points
  2. the command word is explain.  ‘Explain’ means say how or why something is the way it is, so you need to give reasons why people live in areas which are hazardous.
  3. you therefore need to develop your ideas using connectives like ‘so’, ‘this means’ and ‘therefor’.

Useful sentence starters

  • One reason is….
  • This means that…
  • Another reason is…
  • Due to the fact that….
  • People may want to….
  • This is because…