Many communities live in the shadow of volcanoes.  Given that they can be so destructive it might be hard to imagine why.  The picture above shows a farm in Iceland locate very near by the erupting Bardarbunga Volcano.

Your homework this week:

  1. Identify as many positive reasons for living close to a volcano as you can. You could present your work as a spider diagram or a list.
  2. Use your research to answer the following question:

Using examples you have studied, explain why people choose to live close to volcanoes.  (6 marks)

Tips and tricks:

  • Explain means you need to say why people choose to live close to volcanoes.  You should have at least 3 developed points to get 6 marks
  • Use connectives like ‘so’, ‘which means that’ and ‘therefor’ to ensure you are explaining your points.
  • You need to refer to real places.  Good places to do research on would be New Zealand, Iceland and Indonesia.

If you are stuck see me BEFORE the due date or ask a question in the comment box below.