A number of schemes have been tried to improve the conditions of people living in favelas such as Roçinha since the city authorities acknowledged their existence in the 1980s.  These have included and range of strategies from forced evictions to youth programmes.  In recent years ‘Pacification’ has been implemented in many favela, particularly those close to Olympic sites.

UPP on patrol in a Rio favela.
Map showing favelas with UPP and Rio’s Planned Olympic Zones

Site and service schemes such the Bairro Project have provided some the opportunities to build their own homes in locations where the authorities have provided land and services for residents.

It is estimates 3000 homes have been demolished to prepare for the Rio Olympics.  Eight hundred new homes were provided in Campo Grande for those who’s houses were demolished.  This area is about 90 minutes drive from the city centre and is said to lack a sense of community.

Homework Task

Answer this exam question:

Discuss whether the inhabitants of the favelas or the city authorities have gained the most from the attempts to improve conditions of the poor of Rio. (6 marks)

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Discuss means you need to talk about both sides of an issue.  Give evidence of both sides benefiting then come to a judgement on who has benefited most.

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