Your mock exam is on Wednesday, 16th November at 9am in the Sports Hall. Your paper is Key Geographical Themes.

Your homework over half term is to revise the following topics:


  • Causes of river flooding
  • Effects of river flooding
  • Management of rivers
  • Landforms Case Study – River Tees. How do natural processes affect a landform on this river overtime?


  • 4 processes of coastal erosion
  • Coastal management methods
  • Coastal landforms – Hurst Castle Spit. How do natural processes effect this landform overtime?

A revision guide for this section is available by clicking the link: rivers-and-coasts

Natural hazards

  • What is drought?
  • How do human activities make drought more severe?
  • How can farmers reduce the effects of drought?
  • Climatic Hazard Case Study MEDC – Hurricane Katrina – Climatic conditions which caused the hazard and the impact on people
  • Tectonic plate boundaries
  • Impacts of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
  • Tectonic Hazard in an LEDC – Haiti Earthquake.

Economic Development

  • Employment sectors – primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary
  • Factors which affect the location of different employment sectors
  • Why MNC’s locate their factories in different countries
  • Economic development and the environment case study – China’s Pearl River Delta
  • Measures of development e.g. life expectancy
  • Aid from MEDC’s to LEDC’s
  • Name and locate an example of an economic activity in an LEDC which you have studied and explain the factors which influence the location– South-East Brazil, Primary industry