Nigeria is located in West Africa. It extends from the Gulf of Guinea in the south to the Sahel in the north.  The climate gets drier the further north you go. This has an impact on the vegetation and farming that is done.  The Jos Plateau is a relatively central area not far from Abuja (above).  The climate his is cooler and wetter and the area is densely populated farm land.

The country is rapidly becoming an economic power house with some of the highest GDP growth figures in the world for 2010-2015.  The economy is no longer reliant on agricultural produce, but has diversified into manufacturing and services.  Much of the developments have been funded by the oil industry.

Study the following information about Nigeria:

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Stretch yourself

Have a go at the following activities.

1.Create a timeline to show Nigeria’s political history.  You should include:

–Independence from Britain

–Civil war

–Military dictatorship

–Civilian government and the recent elections.

–Problems with Boko Haram

2.Why is Nigeria a ethnically and religiously diverse nation?

3.Nigeria is a major cultural power in Africa.  Find out about Nigerian film, music and literature.